Turn FAQs into revenue
July 21, 2022
Early Checkout #41

The Ecom Growth Newsletter #41

Hey, Ralph here. We curate the best growth ideas for Shopify stores and share insights on how to grow your customer base.

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Turn your frequently asked questions into marketing material

Strategy by The Early Checkout

Your customers are full of great ideas that you haven’t thought of yet.
Though we often get stuck in the keyword research bubble for content creation, your customers know your market much better.

So use this strategy to create a whole new process of content creation:

  1. Look at frequently asked questions that customers ask before buying a product

  2. Check your customer service emails, chat conversations, Instagram DMs and every other source

  3. Make a list of the questions that users asked most about your products

  4. For example, if you sell fitness nutrition like whey protein, customers might ask what the best time is to take it during the day

  5. Instead of just adding that as a small sentence on the product page, you can create a new page outlining what the best time is to take it

  6. Create quality content, answering a lot of the ‘why’ behind when you should take it

  7. Then publish this as a new blog post on your website to attract new customers

But don’t just leave it there. Lots of people stopped searching Google and instead used YouTube, Instagram and TikTok to get answers to their questions.

So use that as an opportunity: create a short video with someone explaining the same concept in 60 seconds, and post that to all of your social channels.

How to turn 5-star review customers into promoters

Strategy by The Early Checkout

Often customers are happy to promote your products when they’re happy.
But you need to give them the right tools to do so.

Here’s a strategy that’ll help get the most out of 5-star review customers.

  1. Connect your review system to Klaviyo

  2. Set up an email flow to 5-star review customers to thank them for their review

  3. Within that email, add a link to an Ambassador Group

  4. Set up this group on Discord, Mighty Networks, Facebook or Slack

  5. Start posting promotional campaigns for ambassadors on this network

  6. Give your customers unique discounts when they share the posts on social media

People love being associated with brands, especially when they can boast about it to their friends.
This strategy will help you create unique experiences for your customers, while creating a new marketing channel for your campaigns.

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