Make it a high revenue holiday season
July 8, 2022
Early Checkout #40

Start preparing your gift collections for the holidays

Strategy by The Early Checkout

The holidays are still months ahead, but this is the ideal time to already get started with one important asset.
And that’s gift collections, which you can create by partnering with other e-commerce stores.

Here’s how you can set this up:

  1. Start making a list of the best gifts for your audience, including on other stores

  2. Reach out to every other store asking them if they’d like to be featured

  3. Ask them to write a small paragraph on why it’s the perfect gift for the season

  4. Collect all submissions in the next 3 months

  5. Publish the total list on your own website about 3 weeks before the holiday season starts, adding links to all other stores

  6. Email all the other stores asking to share the article with their audience

This is an easy way to get a lot of backlinks to your own website, along with boosting your revenue.
Make sure to add your own products to the list as well, for example at the top, to drive additional sales.

Increase your sales by optimizing your logistics

Strategy by BigBlue

Logistics are a hard challenge to properly tackle for a lot of brands (hey, even Amazon is struggling sometimes).

Though, a good delivery experience is the ultimate building block to increase your sales.
And when it comes to fulfillment, Bigblue is a lifesaver.

Their innovative strategy is based on a strong logistics network, backed up by ingenious technology.
The absolute combination to give your customers an amazing experience of your brand and products:

  1. Connect the back-end of your sales channels with Bigblue's Shopify app

  2. Ship your products to one of their fulfillment centers in France, Spain and in the UK

  3. Offer your customers a prime-like experience with the Estimated Time of Arrival

  4. Use the best carriers to deliver their purchases even to the top of the Everest

  5. Stay connected with the Shopify ecosystem thanks to their Zendesk, Gorgias and Klaviyo integration

  6. Provide your customer the best return experience with Bigblue’s printless solution

Bigblue provides a free audit for Early Checkout subscribers! Book a call today and see how they can ensure your customers the ultimate shipping experience that will make Amazon tremble!

Set up charity donation landing pages like Amazon

Strategy by The Early Checkout

One of Amazon’s most popular pages is their charity page.
Every time an Amazon customer orders through that page, they indirectly donate money to their favorite charity.

And here’s how you can do the same:

  1. Start by reaching out to several charities in your own market

  2. If you sell sports good, this could for example be a charity that sets up sports clubs in the less wealthy parts of the city

  3. Ask them if you can create a specific landing page for your users, that automatically donates money based on their total cart value

  4. Ask each charity to add a link to their own website to the specific landing page in order to drive traffic

  5. Create multiple landing pages, one for every charity, and repeat the same process

  6. Every month, add up the total revenue coming from that specific landing page and donate a percentage to the charity

This is the ideal win-win situation for the charity and your store. They send more traffic from potential donors while you send more donations their way.

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