How to get local press coverage
June 25, 2022
Early Checkout #39

Find your biggest social media followers for your upcoming influencer campaign

Strategy by The Early Checkout

Finding influencers is getting easier thanks to a lot of influencer platforms.
But there are still influencers that can be found much easier.

The following strategy outlines how you do that:

  1. Go to your list of followers on any social media platform

  2. Scroll through all your followers and specifically look for verified accounts

  3. Add each verified account to a spreadsheet

  4. Now start reaching out through DMs to ask for collaborations with these influencers

  5. One way to stand out is to tell them that you’re happy to send them some free products

This is an ideal way to set up longer term relationships with these influencers.
They already love your brand (otherwise they wouldn’t follow you on social media). Therefore, this is the ideal way to make them brand ambassadors and utilize their brand loyalty.

Why product videos are key to increasing your Shopify sales

Strategy by Videoly

To transform browsers into buyers, Shopify stores need video content. Why? Well, only video can provide the rich level of visual information that replicates (and enhances) the in-store experience.

  • 64% of customers are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video

  • 88% more time is spent by the average user on a website with video

But can you get videos to your Shopify store in a seamless, hassle-free way? Yes – with Videoly. Videoly is fully automated, meaning you don’t have to riffle through thousands of videos yourself.

Instead videos are sourced directly from YouTube and brands, and then automatically embedded to your product pages.
Videoly also taps into user-generated content, letting your Shopify store harness the power of social proof via reviews, how-to videos, and unboxings. If there’s a video of your product, Videoly will find it.

Getting product videos couldn’t be easier

  1. Scan your shop (it’s free, super easy and takes just a few minutes) to see the video coverage Videoly can reach for your Shopify store

  2. Install Videoly to your Shopify store – it’s a simple copy-paste.

  3. After installing Videoly, videos simply flow to your Shopify store

  4. All videos are validated by Videoly’s curation team. You can always add and remove videos, meaning you have full control over the videos on your site.

  5. Monitor video performance via Videoly’s dashboard and get insight into what keeps your customers engaged.

Videoly is loved by hundreds of online stores and brands across the world. Here are just a few examples of how video has helped e-commercers reach their sales goals:

  • Mike’s Bikes geared up their customer experience through engaging video content, gaining a 33.5% decrease in exit rates and a 12.4% decrease in bounce rates

  • Outnorth increased ATC conversions by over 14% through automatically added product videos

Scan your shop today to discover how Videoly can help your Shopify store scale new heights! Or want to find out more? Check out

Get local press coverage by setting up a local competition
Strategy by The Early Checkout

Getting press coverage (and thereby valuable backlinks) can be a struggle.
But it’s also super lucrative, since it brings in new customers and boosts your SEO

The following strategy will help you do exactly that:

  1. Brainstorm a competition that is relevant to your brand and your audience

  2. For example: if you’re a dog food brand, you might help families adopt 10 dogs for free, including insurance and dog food for a year

  3. Create a landing page, specifically focused on your local audience

  4. Now start reaching out to local media publications, talking about your competition

  5. Make sure you are not overly promoting it, but pitch it as a charity event

  6. Also reach out to any local influencers that are active in your market

An extra way to promote the giveaway is also to run ads locally. You can even work with the media publications to sponsor the ads towards this article to bring in a bigger audience.
After the competition is over, you can even send local publications pictures of the happy winners, which helps you gain additional backlinks.

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