Stand out at physical events
June 21, 2022
Early Checkout #38

Stand out at farmers markets and other physical events

Strategy by The Early Checkout

Getting noticed at physical events is hard, especially when you have a lot of competition.
That’s why instead of just buying a booth, you should focus on driving as much traffic there as possible.

An easy way to stand out is to be in the hands of people.

  1. When you go to a physical event, scout the partners of the event first

  2. Specifically, look for coffee carts or beverage carts

  3. Reach out to the vendor that is in charge of these carts

  4. Offer to sponsor all the coffee cups as long as your own design is printed on it

  5. Then print a design for your brand on a few thousand cups

  6. Also, add a route on how to find your physical booth at the event to the design

This is an easy way to get more people to your booth since every person at the event will have your brand in their hands.
The above strategy is especially helpful at B2B events, where you’re looking for wholesale partners to start selling your brand.

Provide the ultimate customer service by being there when your customers need you

Strategy by Tidio

When people are in a store, it’s easy to walk up to them and ask what they need.
It’s all about being there at the right moment with the right message.

Today, it’s easier than ever to be there in the same way online through the right live chat.

  1. Start by installing Tidio for Shopify

  2. Use the easy no-code set up to create a multichannel customer service

  3. Invite your customer success team to Tidio to collaborate

  4. Segment based on any location to push the right customer to the right person in your team

  5. Create a data analysis of your best-selling products for each location segment

  6. Start pushing these recommended products to your customers in each segment

  7. Track your overall ROI from the Tidio live chat within its dashboard to optimize results

Tidio is the most impressive live chat tool for Shopify stores that we’ve come across. Because it’s multichannel, it’s the easiest way for any customer to reach you.
Through their live visitor tracking you can recommend the right products at the right time, right from within the dashboard, allowing for an increase in sales of up to 300%.|

Boost your influencer reach by using your influencer connections
Strategy by The Early Checkout

Odds are you are already heavily doubling down on your influencer outreach strategies.
However, influencer marketing can be an expensive asset.

The following strategy will help you to get a lot more out of your influencers.

  1. Start by creating a list of all the influencers you have worked with in the past

  2. Reach out to each influencer asking if you can send them a newly released product

  3. In that message, also ask them if they want to nominate another 2 influencers in their network to get free products

  4. Once they nominate the other influencers, start reaching out to them telling them they were nominated by your first influencer

  5. Ask for everyone’s address and start sending out packages to each influencer

  6. Make sure to tell them there are no strings attached but if they’d like to create content for your product then you’d appreciate it

  7. Follow up a bit after they received it to see if they’re happy, and mention again that they’re free to put it on social media if they’d like

Though this seems like you’re just giving away free products, this strategy is quite effective.
If they love the product, they’re happy to do a promotion for it - plus you’re immediately growing your influencer network by 200% with this strategy.

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