Beat big brands in Google
June 21, 2022
Early Checkout #37

Create custom all-in-one bundles with best-selling products and upsells

Strategy by The Early Checkout

Upselling is the ideal way to increase the Average Cart Value per visitor.
Odds are you already provide users with related products and last-minute upsells.

But if the volume of certain products is big enough, creating bundles is much more profitable.

  1. Hop on over to Spotify and look at your best-selling products

  2. Look at the connection between each product and additional products in the same orders

  3. Research which products have the highest correlation and write these down to start creating bundles

  4. Design special designs with this new bundle to fit all products into one box

  5. Instead of adding it as a bundle on Shopify, create a new product

  6. Call this product something like [Product Name - All in One Box] and publish it in your store

The most important aspect here is to not just create a simple bundle within your online store but to really make it a separate product.
Once you’ve published the product on the website, you can add a hyperlink to the standalone product to the all-in-one package to drive more sales.

Create the ideal remarketing funnel by using zero-party data from a product recommendation quiz

Strategy by Jebbit

In today’s e-commerce landscape, building a relationship with your customers and allowing them to play an active role in sharing information about their wants, needs, intents and desires (otherwise known as zero-party data) is crucial.
Without capturing zero-party data at scale, brands are left to rely on inaccurate inferred interests gathered by third-party companies who don’t really know who their customer is outside of their purchase history. |

Another huge benefit to capturing valuable zero-party data is that you can use this information to re-market to your customers on your other marketing channels (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn) with relevant messaging and offers.
What’s a super easy and engaging way to gather zero-party data from your customers?

Product recommendation quizzes! Here’s the ideal way to integrate one within your store:

  1. Use Jebbit to create a product recommendation quiz for your landing page, website homepage, social channels or emails

  2. Ask questions that allow you to understand WHY the user is shopping

  3. Pair the questions with product recommendation outcomes that best match their needs

  4. Sync the zero-party data you gather from Jebbit with Klaviyo and create custom customer segments based on the quiz outcomes

  5. Sync your custom audiences with Facebook, Google and any other advertising platform you are using in order to create lookalike audiences

  6. Track your new ad set data vs. your regular remarketing ad set data to see the ROI skyrocket

With 84% of marketers believing that zero-party data is critical to creating effective, personalized experiences, using zero-party data for remarketing across your paid media channels will keep your efforts relevant and personalized to each consumer.
Product Recommendation quizzes are the easiest way to get zero-party data. Start using Jebbit today to create high-converting quizzes that will quickly inform your remarketing audiences.

Ranking in Google for your competitor's best-selling products

Strategy by The Early Checkout

If you are competing with bigger brands, odds are they are beating you in Google on most of the important keywords you are trying to rank for.
But luckily there’s a way to piggyback on what they have built, and this strategy will help you do that:

  1. Start by creating a list of your best-converting products

  2. For each product, connect it to a product from a big brand

  3. For example, if you sell olive oil, you should find the biggest brands in that market

  4. Now match each of your products with a specific product from one or multiple big brands

  5. Create landing pages for each product describing why your product is a better alternative

  6. Optimize the page for SEO by writing it around [Product alternative], such as “GoPro alternative”

  7. Publish these pages on your website and link to them from multiple pages to create internal backlinks

Though your big competitors may rank for their best keywords, you can easily steal away some of their customers using this strategy.

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