Marketing strategies for growing Shopify stores.

Turn FAQs into revenue
July 15, 2022
Early Checkout #41
Your customers are full of great ideas that you haven’t thought of yet. Though we often get stuck in the keyword research bubble for content creation, your customers know your market much better. So use this strategy to create a whole new process of content creation:
Make it a high revenue holiday season
July 7, 2022
Early Checkout #40
The holidays are still months ahead, but this is the ideal time to already get started with one important asset. And that’s gift collections, which you can create by partnering with other e-commerce stores.
How to get local press coverage
June 23, 2022
Early Checkout #39
Getting press coverage (and thereby valuable backlinks) can be a struggle. But it’s also super lucrative since it brings in new customers and boosts your SEO The following strategy will help you do exactly that
Stand out at physical events
June 16, 2022
Early Checkout #38
Getting noticed at physical events is hard, especially when you have a lot of competition. That’s why instead of just buying a booth, you should focus on driving as much traffic there as possible. An easy way to stand out is to be in the hands of people.
Beat big brands in Google
June 9, 2022
Early Checkout #37
Upselling is the ideal way to increase the Average Cart Value per visitor. Odds are you already provide users with related products and last-minute upsells. But if the volume of certain products is big enough, creating bundles is much more profitable.
Turn non-buyers into revenue
June 2, 2022
Early Checkout #36
Odds are that you are collecting a lot of email addresses, but not every person on your list has ordered from your store. Some of these people might’ve been on your list for months but are just not purchasing.